Ng Shu Mae Natalie


Voice Category:
Voice Prompt, Announcer, Character

Conversational, Young, Energetic

Mandarin, Malay, English


Previous Jobs:
Chek Hup Jingle 2019
Chek Hup Video Animation 2019
Prego 2019
Lexus Tea Party 2019
Harpic 2019
Cancer Awareness (Nursery Rhyme Songs) 2019
Voice of Nana
Dutch Lady Song (English, BM, Mandarin) December 2018
CPF (Mandarin) September 2018
Dettol (English) October 2018
McDonalds Song (English) August 2018
Nursery Rhyme Crime (English Song) 2018
Nippon Spotify (English, Bahasa) May 2018
Lactogrow TVC (English) April 2018
Harpic TVC (English, Mandarin and Bahasa) March 2018
Subaru Forestor, Radio Ad, (English and Bahasa) November 2017
Maxis Roaming Ad (English and Mandarin) 2017
Maxis OneClub Tongue Twister Ad (English) 2016

Short Description:
Natalie Ng Shu Mae is 8 years old and she takes instructions well. She loves to sing and can learn new songs fast.
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