Desmond Loke


Voice Category:
Voice Prompt, Announcer

Sexy, Low, Corporate

Mandarin, Cantonese, English

British, Australian

Previous Jobs:
ZELL-V Wellness Marketing Video (English/Mandarin)
Martin Yan Taste of Malaysia TVC (Mandarin)
Vitagen TVC (Mandarin)
Vivo Malaysia Voice Prompts (English)
Effegi TVC (Mandarin)
Lux TVC (Mandarin)
Dynaton Holdings Berhad Marketing Video (Mandarin)
Gmall Sdn Bhd Marketing Video (Mandarin)
Goodmaid Radio Ad (Mandarin)
Dulux Weathershield TVC (English & Mandarin)
Papulex Radio Ad (Cantonese)
【冲上云霄】Movie Promo Radio Ad (Cantonese)
HongLeong Bank TVC (Mandarin)
Lexus NX Turbo Radio & TVC (Mandarin)
MCTA Marketing Video (Mandarin)
Lake Point Residence Marketing Video (Mandarin)
White Horse Ceramic Tiles TVC (Mandarin)
Magna Gama Lubricant Marketing Video (Mandarin)
Bio-Evolve Water System Marketing Video (Mandarin)
Sime Darby Premium Selection Radio Ad (Mandarin)
Winvest Global Marketing Video (Mandarin)
Anmum Marketing Video (English)
Thomson Livrin - ntv7【志在四方】TVC (Mandarin)
Grundfos Radio Ad (Cantonese)
Nissan Serena S-Hybrid Radio Ad (Mandarin)
SHL - Cassia West Radio Ad (Cantonese)
Sofanou Germany Marketing Video (Mandarin)
eGen Visa payWave Marketing Video (English)
Columbus Nano Silver Alkaline Mktg Video (Mandarin)
Bersian GST System Radio Ad (Cantonese)
Dynagreen Biodiesel Marketing Video (English)
Grace Generation Marketing Video (English)
Swiss Watch Gallery Radio Ad (Cantonese)
汤申 - 护节灵 - ntv7【千门八将】TVC (Mandarin)
Resort World Genting – Peter Marvey TVC (Mandarin)
AirAsia - ntv7 园游会 TVC (Mandarin)
One City - ntv7 园游会 TVC (Mandarin)
Sunway Velocity Radio Ad (Cantonese)
Toyota Camry - 2014金视奖 TVC (Mandarin)
JATI Rice Radio Ad (Mandarin)
Hatten Group Marketing Video (Mandarin)
Viva Home Radio Ad (Cantonese)
Jobs Central Radio Ad (Cantonese)
ELKEN Awards Recognition Video (Mandarin)
DIAMOND Marketing Video (English & Mandarin)
Royal Selangor Pewter Marketing Video (Mandarin)
MySafebox Radio Ad (Cantonese)
Lucenta Marketing Video (Mandarin)
富力公主湾 Radio Ad (Mandarin)
BOSTON 又一城 Marketing Video (Mandarin)
VitaHealth TVC (Mandarin)
Hurix’s Marketing Video (Mandarin)
Biogrow Oat BG22 Radio Ad (Cantonese)
Stabilo -【中国好声音】TVC (Mandarin)
Oppo Smartphone -【中国好声音】TVC (Mandarin)
MERS 999 PSA (Mandarin)
SCORE 2014 Radio Ad (Mandarin)
Sugawa Ionwood Promo (Eng/Mandarin/Cantonese)
Tesla Motors UK Voice Prompts (Cantonese)
International Brands Gallery Radio Ad (Mandarin)
Superlife Marketing Video (Mandarin)
李顺兴Oyster Sauce Radio Ad (Cantonese)
Tourism Malaysia MH370 Stealomatic (Mandarin)
MKH Berhad TVC (Mandarin & Cantonese)
Oppo Smartphone -【非常好歌】TVC (Mandarin)
Thomson Ginkgo TVC (Mandarin)
Toyota Camry 2.0GX Radio Ad (Mandarin)
Downy Parfum TVC (Mandarin)
Cell Labs Miracol 9 TVC (Cantonese)
Lionel Richie Concert Radio Ad (Mandarin)
HyppTV TVC (Malay/English/Mandarin)
PONEY Marketing Video (English)
Arissto Radio Ad & TVC (Eng/Mandarin/Cantonese)
Multimedia University Radio Ad (Mandarin)
Freeing Room Radio Ad (Cantonese)
Hyundai – Golf In Style Radio Ad (Mandarin)
Kurnia Insurans Radio Ad (Mandarin)
Ecopac Marketing Video (English)
Kota Bharu Tourism Board Marketing Video (Mandarin)
KDU University College Radio Ad (Mandarin)
Pacific West Salmon Radio Ad (Mandarin)
FSK Sales & Services Marketing Video (English)
Fruit 10 & Lot 100 Marketing Video (English)
AppleLady Plasticware Radio Ad (Mandarin)
FJ Benjamin Warehouse Clearance Sale (Mandarin)
YORK Air Conditioner Marketing Video (English)
ELKEN Bio Pure Marketing Video (Mandarin & English)
SmartHeart Radio Ad (Mandarin)
Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad TVC (Mandarin)
Nefful Marketing Video (Mandarin)
“明明” Movie Promo Radio Ad (Cantonese)
【冠军歌王】Movie Promo Radio Ad (Mandarin)
Mah Sing Group Marketing Video (English)
Air Supply World Tour Concert Radio Ad (Mandarin)
Systema Radio Ad (Mandarin)
SSM Website Voice Prompt (English)
Berjaya Times Square Radio Ad (Cantonese)
Sugawa Ionwood Marketing Video (Mandarin/English)
Hyundai Veloster & i10 Colourz Radio Ad (Mandarin)
Hai-O Parents’ Day Radio Ad & TVC (Cantonese)
Nescafe Instant Coffee Radio Ad (Mandarin)
RIWAY Leaders Recognition Video (Mandarin)
Saito College Radio Ad (Mandarin)
1Malaysia One Call Centre TVC (Mandarin)
SP Multitech Marketing Video (Mandarin)
Senai Hi-Tech Park Marketing Video (Mandarin)
BMW FM-Autohaus Radio Ad (Mandarin)
Danisa Butter Cookies TVC (Mandarin)
KWSP Nominee 2012 Radio Ad (Mandarin)
Golden Bull Awards 2012 Video (Mandarin/English)
RIWAY Marketing Video (Mandarin)
MBPJ Marketing Video (Mandarin)
Ecopyrotech Marketing Video (Mandarin/English)
Lanfar Marketing Video (Mandarin)
Burger King TVC (Mandarin)
The Horizon Residences Marketing Video (Mandarin)
Tunku Abdul Rahman College Mktg Video (Mandarin)
海外天CNY Radio Ad (Cantonese)
Milano Italia Radio Ad (Cantonese)
Hyundai Elantra TVC (Mandarin)
Petrosains Radio Ad (Mandarin)
RHB Islamic Radio Ad (Mandarin)

Short Description:
20+ years of expertise in delivering market plans that propel brands to success. Articulate speaker and savvy strategist with experience leveraging in-depth understanding of communication with mixed audiences to influence stakeholders and translate ideas into results. Excel at aligning and managing resources to jump-start and seamlessly execute projects. Track record of building organizational consensus, consolidating productive business networks and galvanizing high performing teams.
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