Kartini Kamalul Ariffin


Voice Category:
Voice Prompt, Announcer, Character

Conversational, High-pitched, Fatherly/Motherly, Corporate, Young, Energetic

Malay, English


Previous Jobs:
1. Unicef - Unite For Children Unite Against AIDS Video.
2. Prelude Kemuncak Anugerah Industri Musik 2009.
3. ESPN Cheer Radio Promo, Jan 2010.
4. Singapore Tourism Board - Sentosa Island , Jan 2010.
5. TM Through My Window Radio Campaign.
6. MSC - Senang Dengan ICT Radio Campaign.
7. Grand Brilliance Sdn. Bhd. - Pisau Cukur Movie Promo
8. SACC Mall School Holidays Campaign.
9. Empire Shopping Galery Raya Promotions
10. YES Mobile Video
11. Celcom IVR Services
12. Brunei Bank
13. Ford Feista
14. One Drop Perfume Radio Ads
15. Bank Islam Radio Ads
16. Nesvita 3 in 1
17. Downy TVC
18. Cocoa Palmers
19. Tutor TV - Tips Hangat PMR Sains
20. Primadona Astro Prima Radio Ads

Short Description:
If you are looking for young, fresh and energetic voice, Kartini is the talent for you .
Once the ID voice of the hottest radio station in Malaysia, Kartini not only offers you the usual announcement voice but able to carry various character voices . Be it a Makcik,
a young girl, a gossiper , a sarjan in command and many others.
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