Steven Bones


Voice Category:
Voice Prompt, Announcer, Character

Conversational, Sexy, Smooth, Gravelly, Low, High-pitched, Fatherly/Motherly, Corporate, Young, Energetic

Mandarin, Chinese, Malay, English

Scot, Russian, Mexican, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Jamaican, Irish, Indian, Italian, German, French, Chinaman, American, British, Australian

Previous Jobs:
Radio/TV/Web ads for the likes of:
Kinder Joy – Voice of Kinderino (ENG/MAND/BM)
Mitsubishi Mirage Campaign [Malaysia] (ENG/MAND/BM)
Spotify Ads/ Various AirAsia ads (ENG/MAND/BM)
KFC/ Dominos/ Prudential
MotoGP/ Twiggies (VO & Jingle)
Hada Labo/ Munchy's
Nestle/ Milo
Digi/ Maxis/Hotlink/UMobile
Groupon/ Bookdoc/ Maybank
And many more...

Animations (All ENG):
Rimba Racer (Tag/Axel)
Bola Kampung: The Movie
Bola Kampung X
Balla Bowl
Chuck Chicken
Zero Hero
And more, including various one off pilots.

Cicakman 2 (Professor Klon) [ENG]
Phineas & Ferb (SINGING ONLY) [BM]
Lego Ninjago (BM)
La Primera Dama [ENG]
And more...

Jingles including:
Rimba Racer Theme Song [ENG/BM]
McDonalds – “Black Pepper Spicy Chicken McDeluxe” RC (BM/MAND)
McDonalds – “Triple Cheeseburger” RC (BM/MAND)
Vico – “V.I.C.O Vico” TVC (MAND)
And Many more~!

Short Description:
Full Time VO Talent Since 2009

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+6016-219 7625
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