I-Wei Foo


Voice Category:
Voice Prompt, Announcer, Character

Conversational, Sexy, Smooth, Gravelly, Low, High-pitched, Fatherly/Motherly, Corporate, Young


Russian, Mexican, Malay, Japanese, Irish, Indian, Italian, German, French, Chinaman, American, British, Australian

Previous Jobs:
Including, but not limited to:

2019 – Sofitel Damansara, radio commercial for LiteFM
2019 – Jeremy Tok bespoke men’s tailor, web commercial
2018 – Grab, South East Asian regional TV commercial
2018 – Sofitel Damansara, radio commercial for LiteFM
2018 – Panasonic airconditioning, radio commercial for MyFM
2018 – Air Asia X to Melbourne, radio commercial for HitzFM
2018 – British commentator, Lee Chong Wei the movie
2017 – Everus AI voice recording for event
2017 – Trust Diamond by Poh Heng promotional video
2017 – Riviva Water Filter animation video
2016 - AirAsia Fathers’ Day promotional video
2015 – EcoWorld video advertisement
2015 – Benadryl campaign for McCann Erickson Singapore
2015 – MAS campaign for McCann Erickson Singapore
2014 – Bonia TV Commercial
2014 – CIMB video advert, Ramadan campaign
2014 – Orgacids promotional video for Sunzen Biotech Bhd
2014 – Air Asia Flex promotional video
2014 – Script for “Love-to-Dress” Corporate video – “Grace” by Terrence Malick
2014 – Epsom College Malaysia promotional video
2013 – Nippon Paint promotional video
2012 – Habib “Hearts On Fire” Diamond Campaign promotional video
2012 – Script for DLA Naturals MLM Company
2011 – Low Yat Sale in conjunction with Tourism Malaysia for Red FM
2011 – Moon’s Confinement Package radio advert for Red FM
2011 – 2 corporate training videos for Wipro Unza
2011 – Hatten Square Melaka Corporate Video
2010 – Acer radio advert for Red FM
2009 – Radio announcement H1N1 Campaign for Red FM
2009 – Corporate video for Tex Cycle Sdn Bhd
2009 – Renew Skincare Australia radio advert for Red FM
2009 – Samsung C5212 radio advert for Red FM
2009 – Red Eagle cooking oil radio advert, Red FM
2009 – Llumar Window Tint radio advert, LiteFM & MyFM, Malaysia
2009 – 62nd St Magazine Corporate Video, Malaysia
2009 – SKII Training Video, Malaysia
2008 – Fire Safety Video, SIBKL, Malaysia
2008 – SKII Animation Video, Malaysia
2008 – Nexbis Corporate Video, Malaysia
2007 – Corporate Video, Hospis Malaysia
2007 – “Skor Yeop Skor” – Perak FA motivational song
2006 – Introducer for Prima Events and Music sample CD
2006 – F1 Sepang circuit pitch (successful), Malaysia
2006 – Chemistry lessons, Ministry of Education, Malaysia

2004 – Prime Time Investigates, Special Edition (Voiceover for national TV), Ireland

Short Description:
This is something I love doing, and I will provide an additional script editing service at no extra cost if required. I also write scripts. Familiar with medical jargon and other big words. I also sing in several styles if you require that for jingles. Please contact me for further voice samples to fit your requirements! :)
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