Shobha Janardanan


Voice Category:
Voice Prompt, Announcer, Character

Conversational, Sexy, Smooth, Gravelly, Low, High-pitched, Fatherly/Motherly, Corporate, Young, Energetic

Tamil, Malay, English

Malay, Indian

Previous Jobs:
This list is not exhaustive:

Pacific & Orient Insurance (Tamil)
Courts (Tamil)
PIAM (Tamil)
Cyberjaya University College (Tamil)
Perkeso (Tamil)
Tesco (Tamil)
Al Jazeera 101 East - news story (English)
Al Jazeera Docu 2016 (English)
ASTRO IVR 2016 (Tamil)
SIDREC Infomercial (Tamil)
Malindo Air 2015 (Tamil)
Majlis Perbandaran P. Pinang (Tamil)
Hypp TV Deepavali TVC (English)
ASTRO India Beat Ch 867 Casual Announcer (English)
ASTRO Scholarship, VO (English)
Little India Jewelers(Tamil)
Ministry of Health - PSA - Video (Tamil)
Vitagen Animation Video 2015 (English)
THR Raaga Sweepers (Tamil)
Digi Oli Peruvom (Tamil)
ASTRO Vaanavil, "Vishu Mela" (English and Malayalam)
Prithvi Agarbathi (Tamil)

Short Description:
Shobha's most unique feature is that she is a multi-lingual singer as well as VO talent. She has a natural flair for jingles and VOs, regardless of language.

The tag line on Shobha's blog reads, "I sing, I speak, I write - Preferably not all at the same time." In a recording studio however, she says this rule breaks down - and she is comfortable with that!

The first Malaysian to earn the prestigious MA Indian Music qualification from Madras University (and an ASTRO Scholar), Shobha's unique playback singing voice and speaking voice, has been used in both, Malaysian and Indian-made Tamil movies/albums as well as Malaysian TV shows.

She has voiced in English (natural and Indian accents), Tamil, Malayalam (colloquial) and Malay.
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