Adila Shakir


Voice Category:
Voice Prompt, Announcer, Character

Conversational, Sexy, Smooth, Low, High-pitched, Fatherly/Motherly, Corporate, Young, Energetic

Malay, English

Malay, French, Chinaman, American, British, Australian

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Eu Yan Sang
MBF Lady Card
Funtasy Socca
Maybank Shopping Mania
Big Top Lollipop - TV3 Spongebob Squarepants promo
Gervenne Clear WhiteSweet Dolly - TV8 Gossip Girl promo
Philip Wain
Air Asia
Pizza Hut
Antabax Antibacteria Shower Cream
Fitness Concept
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Dove Hairfall Therapy
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Powerboat Corporate Video
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Ogawa Mother's Day
Digital Mall Karnival Kamera Digital
Bank Muamalat
Sony Vaio

RC Cola
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LG ArtCool Air-conditioner
York Air-conditioner
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MBF Lady Card
British American Tobacco
Downy Anti-Bac Softener
Ajax Fabuloso
Darlie toothpaste
Matahari Shopping Complex - Indonesia
Kiss Mints - Indonesia
Caxon - Indonesia
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KTAK jingle
Carotino Cooking Oil
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Apple3G Download - Indonesia
Horizon Hills
Life sauces
London Swiss Rolls
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Canon Selphy
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• Voice for lead character, Iwan, Bola Kampung tv series (English dubbing)
• Voice for lead female character Aneesa in 'Saladin' (2010)
• Voice for lead female villain Velda in animated tv series 'Ivan's Thoughts'
• Voice for one of three lead characters, Cherry Berry in animated tv series 'ABC Monsters' (2009)
• Voice for lead character, Heru, in action-adventure video game, 'Hidden Dawn'
• Voice for supporting character, Kimiko, 'Xiaolin Showdown' (Malay dubbing)
• Voice for supporting characters Rahul, Pinky and teacher in animated feature 'Balla Bowl' (2010)
• Voice for supporting character, Ling Ling, in animated tv series, 'Super Panda' (2011)
• Voice for supporting character, Heather the Hen in animated movie, ‘SeeFood’ (2012)
• Additional voice in animated 3D movie , ‘War of the Worlds : Goliath’ (2012)
• Voice of supporting character, Dilly, and various characters in Doodleville (2013)
• Voice for supporting character, Nasha, in animated 3D movie, ‘Bola Kampung The Movie’ (2013)
• Voice for supporting character, Sam’s Mom and various characters in ‘Foodoo’ (2015 – current)
• Voice for supporting characters in Korean animations ‘Galaxy Kids’ and ‘The Forks with Spiky Hands’ (English dubbing) (2015 – current)

Short Description:
* Was the Breakfast Show Announcer as Dilly on Red FM and Mix FM (2008 - 2012)

* Now a professional voice personality with over 15 years of experience

*Am versatile with different types of reads (announcer, character, long-form, voice prompts) in ENG and BM

*Currently under contract voicing Astro TV promos

*Am an experienced voice actor, having worked on numerous animated projects (series, movies) as well as dubbing experience.

* I can sing. Have done numerous jingles and theme songs. Have also provided back-up vocals during live performances and for studio albums. My forte is that I harmonise by ear.
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