Deanna Yusoff


Voice Category:
Voice Prompt, Announcer, Character

Conversational, Sexy, Smooth, High-pitched, Fatherly/Motherly, Corporate, Young, Energetic

French, Malay, English

Malay, French, British

Previous Jobs:
AirAsia Singapore – BM
Lion Air Surabaya & Solo – BM

Fairy Rarely Bought, Often Used – BM
Atmosphere Air Purifier – Eng
KOSE Shikisei Herbal – Eng
DIGI Jom Berinspirasi – BM
Public Bank Wealth Plan – Eng
ERL KLIA Express – Eng
Bearer – Eng
Eastin Hotel Ramadhan – Eng
AirAsia X Maldives – Eng
Carlo Rino Year – Eng
Sunlac High Calcium – Eng
Chatime Cheesy – Eng
CJ Wow Shop for TV3, TV9, 8TV, NTV7 – BM
AirAsia Singapore – BM

Park Regency Online Video - Eng
Hevilift Safety Video - Eng
Litas Boulevard – Eng
Palm Oil Infomercial – Eng
OCBC Premier Banking – Eng
Unit Trust FIMM – Eng
Daikin Malaysia – Eng
Cuckoo Penapis Air – BM

Joy Amaze Beauteine Inspired - Eng & BM
Shokabutsu Active Guard - BM
Teck Aun Female Pills - BM
Vanish - Eng & BM
Vistana V - Eng
Samsung Galaxy S5 Maxis Ramadhan - BM
Maxis Ramadan, The Whole Kampung
Eversoft Skinz - Eng
Tri-Derm Glyderm Bridal
Tri-Derm Actives The Bride & the Guest
Alliance Bank Nostalgia - Eng & BM
Nestle Security – Eng
OPPO Web – Eng

Nano White NewCC - Eng & BM
Nano White CC cream - Eng

Nano White - Eng & BM and Vocals
Ribena Blueberry Superfruits - Eng
Milo New Faber Cereal - Eng & BM
Panasonic Tokyo/Fashion - BM
Nike Faleha - Eng
Sunsilk (Brand New) - Eng & BM
Sunsilk Baharu Rouge Sleek – BM

Short Description:
Singer, Voice Actor, English, Bahasa Malaysia, French
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